Cuidar tu contorno de ojos de manera adecuada, sobre todo en verano, es determinante para frenar el envejecimiento y la flacidez periocular.
Beauty Rituals

Take care of your eyes

The eye contour area is very sensitive and requires specific and appropriate precautions to keep your eyes looking bright and healthy. There is no doubt that more care is required in summer to face the environmental factors that can affect the skin area around your eyes. The temperature, solar radiation and the tendency towards dehydration are the main risk factors that can affect the health of this skin region.

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la piel durante el embarazo es más sensible y los efectos negativos del sol pueden incidir de una forma mayor sobre ti y sobre la salud de tu bebé.
Healthy Skin

Pregnancy and sun

If you’re expecting this summer, you’re probably wondering whether you should sunbathe or not, right? Solar radiation has multiple benefits for your organism if you expose yourself to it with caution. So when you’re pregnant, it’s important to try to make the most of all of them. However, skin is more sensitive during pregnancy and the negative effects of the sun can have a greater impact on you and the health of your baby. Continue Reading