El sol ejerce una función inmunosupresora, antiinflamatoria y bactericida sobre las bacterias que hacen sinergia negativa en el desarrollo del acné.
Healthy Skin

Is the sun good for acne-prone skin?

There are multiple benefits to healthy exposure to solar radiation. It has always been a popular idea that people affected by acne see an improvement in the condition during the summer months. But to what extent is this true? Today’s post will explain the sun’s effects on acne.

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Cuando practiquemos deporte durante el verano deberemos tener en cuenta una serie de factores que son importantes para prevenir un posible golpe de calor.
Beauty Rituals

Sport and heat: a dangerous combination?

It’s a beautiful day out and you’re got a bit of time to go and practice your favourite sport. But you don’t realise how hot it is and after the first few minutes of exercise, your legs start to feel heavy, you start sweating, go pale, and end up feeling sick or dizzy: … Take care! You might be experiencing heatstroke. Continue Reading

¿Sabías que la vitamina D es la única cuya fuente fundamental de síntesis no es la ingesta alimentaria, sino que es nuestro organismo el que la produce?

Vitamin D

Did you know vitamin D is the only vitamin which is synthesised mainly by the human body, rather than through the food we eat? You might know it as “the vitamin that helps tanning”, but what else do you know about it? This post will describe the compound, its functions, how it’s produced and where we can get it.

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